About Us

About Us

We Are Leading Company In The UK

Emcor Builders is dedicated to providing affordable and high-quality renovation and construction solutions, making quality living accessible to all. With a focus on creating elegant extra space for Londoners, we aim to deliver projects that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

At Emcor Builders, we go the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations. We believe in clear and effective communication to ensure that your vision is realized. Our dedicated team, including office staff, quantity surveyors, site managers, and project managers, work together to tackle any challenges that may arise during construction. We are committed to excellence in every project we undertake.

Backed by a team of industry experts and a proven track record of successful projects, Emcor Builders stands as a trusted leader in the construction industry. Our dedication to professionalism, integrity, and delivering exceptional results sets us apart, making us the preferred choice for construction services in the UK.

Building Staffs

Our dedicated team of construction experts at Emcor Builders sets the industry standard, ensuring superior quality, precision, and customer satisfaction for all our clients in the UK.

History Emphasis

Emcor Builders takes pride in its history emphasis, preserving the rich heritage of the UK through meticulous restoration and sensitive architectural designs, creating timeless structures that stand the test of time.

Economic Outcomes

With a focus on delivering optimal economic outcomes, Emcor Builders utilizes innovative solutions, rigorous cost management, and collaborative partnerships to create projects that drive economic development, create jobs, and foster long-term prosperity.

Embrace Innovation Today

Ready To Turn Your Vision Into Reality?

At Emcor Builders, we are ready to turn your vision into reality. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we will bring your construction project to life. Contact us today and let’s make your dreams a tangible, breathtaking reality.

We Follow Best Practices

At Emcor Builders, we pride ourselves on following industry-leading best practices. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and safety, we ensure that every construction project adheres to the highest standards. Partner with us and rest assured that your project will be executed with meticulous attention to detail and in accordance with the best practices in the industry.

The Team

Our Experts

Mike Rich

Lead Architect

Jenny Smith

Head Engineer

George Doe

Head Engineer

Maria Jay

Head Engineer